Your Guide to BPMN 2.0

BPMN: Business Process Modeling Notation.

Ever since i have started my career in software development i noticed that there was a huge need for a common language that needs to exist between business owners and software providers. flowcharts, UML diagrams, Use cases they all been there but still look very techy for business users. when i was introduced to BPMN i felt like this is it, this is the notation that can fill the gap between us & business users.
BPMN is designed to facilitate communication and understanding of business processes. the way all components are arranges in a process form, it makes it very easy for everyone to map a workflow.

BPMN provides a way to quickly diagram business functions.

Use it to draw a process graphically

The visual model will be translated quickly and easily into software that will run the process.
With BPMN, business people can define what they want, simply but with a high degree of precision; and IT professionals can communicate with each other and with business people about the model in a clear, common framework.

BPMN works for any kind of management, operation and support process.

By developing a model with BPMN, you can collaboratively improve communications with decision makers about the nature and health of a process; you can collaboratively initiate improvements – and you can collaboratively move toward automating those improvements.
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